Winter 2018 Restaurants

The Chefs Table at Quickhatch

The Chefs Table at Quickhatch

372 Butler St, Pittsburgh, PA 15223
(412) 252-2682
Early Access (Aug 11-13) BYOB Available New Dish for a New Year

Restaurant Week Special:

$33.18 Dinner

Welcome Cocktail: tbd

Amuse bouche: tbd

1st: sunchoke textures: crispy/pickled/pureed/glazed

2nd: Braised leek heart/ duck egg/bacon/potato/dried chive

3rd: Sourdough bread/duck confit/house butter/ preserved ramp salt

4th: glazed beef cheek/hickory syrup/nasturtium/celery root/preserved cherry

5th: beets/apples/cider vinegar/ petite lettuce

6th: carrot cake/puffed spelt/whipped honey/carrot raisin/ cream

* Entire menu is based ONLY on local sourced products (~99%) *