Pittsburgh's #1 Most Effective Dine-In Event
Pittsburgh Restaurant Week is a celebration of restaurants and dining in the steel city. Started in 2012, it’s been an annual tradition to host a winter edition in January and summer edition in August. The winter edition focuses of celebrating “New Dishes for the New Year” while the summer edition features dishes taking advantage of the local produce and harvests with lighter fare.

What’s Required?

In order to participate in restaurant week, the restaurant is expected to create a limited-time small menu that is offered for dine-in guests during the dinner meals between the dates of the celebration alongside the restaurant’s normal menu. While many restaurants opt for a multi-course menu with multiple options per course, that is not the designated requirement. See more details on pricing below.

Get Listed: Complete The Online Registration Process

Restaurant registration is accepted on a rolling basis up until the celebration. A restaurant must complete the online registration form and submit timely payment to appear on the listing of restaurants and on the participating restaurant map.

The registration form will ask for the anticipated pricing structure (multi-course vs special entrees, but the exact pricing structure is NOT locked in until menu is provided.

On the restaurant listing page, the restaurant appears at the bottom of the page until the menu is received.

Get Promoted: Submit Menu For Advertising

Once the limited-time menu has been determined, upload the special menu through the website to receive the full benefit of the celebration. It is recommended the menu is provided as text-only and not embedded in a prepared graphic. Once the menu is provided, it will be posted to the restaurant’s profile.

Social Promotion MenusMenus submitted before the posted deadline will be formatted and shared through Pittsburgh Restaurant Week’s social media platforms.

Menus provided after the deadline will be posted to the website but will forfeit the benefit of the social media versions being created.

More On Pricing

With such a wide variety of establishments participating, a one-size-fits all pricing model doesn’t make sense, so Pittsburgh Restaurant Week has themed pricing of “24-cents” for 2024. All special menus should follow that pricing model. Common pricing options include:

  • Fixed-price 3-course meal for $20.24-45.24.  This variable price point allows restaurants to price their menus’ accordingly. Menu items do not have to come from the restaurant’s regular menu, but should be representative of the restaurant’s style of cooking. As an example, restaurants whose normal fixed price menu is above $35, create a special menu for Restaurant Week for $35.24.
  • $20.24 Specialty Items in honor of Restaurant Week 2024. This could be a specialty entrée, appetizer-entrée combination or even stretched to “Dinner for Two” depending on the pricing structure that best fits the restaurant.

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