During July, Pittsburgh Restaurant Week would like to offer a “Getting To Know Pittsburgh Chefs” segment through online chef interviews on YouTube. It is meant to be an opportunity for the public to get to know area chefs and reveal what cooking, the restaurant week program, and community mean to them.

The following have been compiled from PRW and public submission as questions they would want to know about the chefs that devote their lives to the success of Pittsburgh food and dining.
Get to know your chef:

  • Why are you excited to participate in Pittsburgh Restaurant Week?
  • During Pittsburgh Restaurant Week, should diners expect the deals to focus on classic dishes at your restaurant? or will you be going off-menu with your creations?
  • What celebrity chef are you most like? How so?
  • What do you cook when you are at home?
  • What is your favorite dish to prepare and why?
  • Where are you from and how has it influenced your cooking?
  • What one ingredient could you not live without?
  • What recent or longtime food trend can you not stand?

What questions would you like to have answered? Add them as comments below and get to know our Pittsburgh chefs even more.