Winter 2017 Restaurants


2193 Babcock Blvd, Pittsburgh, PA 15209
Ross Township
BYOB Available New Dish for a New Year

Restaurant Week Special

$25.17 Dinner

Course 1 (choice of 1)
Garides Saganaki
shrimp, feta, peppers, spicy tomato sauce, grilled bread

Mezedes Plate
fig and olive relish, kasseri cheese, grapes, freshly baked bread, and infused olive oil

Phyllo Roll
pulled chicken, sweet and spicy peppers, feta, pepper aioli drizzle

Course 2 (choice of 1)
Roasted Chicken
half chicken, honey-balsamic glaze, herb roasted potatoes

Hirino Yiouvetsi
roasted pork, tomato stew, orzo pasta, feta cheese

tomato and feta stuffed eggplant, feta reduction, spanakorizo

Course 3
(choice of 1)
flaky phyllo, apples, fig jam, golden raisins

Raspberry Yogurt
Greek yogurt, honey, raspberry, fresh fruit

Pomegranate Galaktoboureiko
flaky phyllo, custard, pomegranate, powdered sugar

Available for dine-in only. Not available for online, takeout or to-go orders.