Pittsburgh Restaurant Week is proud to affiliated with VisitPittsburgh for its third consecutive celebration.  Get to know why VisitPittsburgh is so supportive of PRW, as the official tourism promotion agency for Allegheny County.


What is your current affiliation to the Pittsburgh restaurant/food scene?

VisitPittsburgh has strong partnership connections with more than 100 Pittsburgh-area restaurants.  When visitors are looking for a restaurant, we direct them to local establishments so they get a real sense of the city. Restaurants and dining options play a huge role in attracting tourists and promoting Pittsburgh.

Why did you decide to sponsor Pittsburgh Restaurant Week?

“VisitPittsburgh is always happy to support our partners, and restaurants are an important component of our partnership base. Sponsoring Pittsburgh Restaurant Week means recognizing the invaluable role of restaurants in this city’s tourism industry,” says Craig Davis, President and CEO.

How would you encourage restaurants to think outside the box for restaurant week?

Pittsburgh Restaurant Week is a chance for restaurants to get creative with their food offerings and showcase their respective culinary identities. We encourage restaurants to take a new spin on a signature dish or perhaps develop a themed meal offering.

What do you want the casual diner to gain from participating in restaurant week?

Pittsburgh Restaurant Week gives casual diners the opportunity to explore the city’s neighborhoods and find new favorite eateries. Each neighborhood has its own distinct character, and casual diners and foodies can experience that individuality through the food scene. Pittsburgh Restaurant Week is a time for diners to be adventurous!

Do you feel that the Pittsburgh Restaurant Week celebration is vital to the growth and success of Pittsburgh’s burgeoning dining scene? Explain.

Absolutely. Pittsburgh Restaurant Week is fundamental in supporting Pittsburgh’s growing restaurant scene because it draws unique attention to exciting changes in the local food scene, including the changes that Pittsburgh natives and visitors alike may not be noticing. The dining scene has become very dynamic, and Pittsburgh Restaurant Week highlights this culinary vibrancy.