Pittsburgh, PA, January 2, 2013:  On Tuesday January 15, local food bloggers are invited to an exclusive dinner at Alma Pan-Latin Kitchen in Pittsburgh’s Regent Square neighborhood.  At the dinner, co-hosted by Pittsburgh Restaurant Week and the Buy Fresh Buy Local program, bloggers receive “Back-Kitchen-Access” to taste and discover the challenges tropical restaurants face when trying to buy locally.

“Restaurant week and the blogger dinner will afford us the opportunity to provide some great options that have yet to appear on our menu, alongside some of our favorite existing menu items,” explains Owner Jamie Wallace.  “As a Pan-Latin restaurant, there are literally thousands of dishes we could make that fall within the parameters of our concept.  Our plan has always been to continue to evolve.  To that end, we will be introducing a variety of new menu items in 2013.”  Aside from the food itself, Pan-Latin culture is incorporated into the restaurant through music and artwork.  During the blogger dinner, local guitarist Jon Bañuelos will perform Flamenco music to compliment the ambiance of the restaurant.

During Pittsburgh Restaurant Week – Winter 2013, from January 14-20, Alma is offering a Three-Course Fixed-Price meal for only $25.  Attendees of the Blogger Dinner will be invited to dine from either the Pittsburgh Restaurant Week menu, or the full daily menu.

Sample menu items:
Ceviche de Hongos – mushrooms, green onions, pink beans, and avocado marinated in fresh citrus juices (vegan)
Canja Sopa – our take on this classic Brazilian rice and chicken soup
Pollo Criollo en Cazuela – using locally-sourced chicken, we recreate this Cuban farm-style Creole dish by slow cooking it in a marinade of fruit juices, cumin, sherry, and herbs
Frituras de Maiz Tierno – Alma’s version of these delicious fritters are stuffed with arugula and grilled corn (vegetarian)
Arroz con Dulce – Puerto Rican coconut rice pudding topped with candied lime peel

The blogger invitation is by-invitation-only. Request an invitation.

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