Pittsburgh, PA, July 1, 2013: For the last 9 years, Euclid Fish Company has been supplying seafood to the area’s top culinary professionals in Pittsburgh. This summer, the company is not only supplying sustainable food solutions, but also sponsoring Pittsburgh Restaurant Week Summer 2013.

Euclid Fish Company“We work with so many great independent establishments that we wanted to be a part of Pittsburgh’s celebration of the rising culinary scene and promote our passion for the restaurant and club industry,” expressed Charles Young, a Pittsburgh sales representative from Euclid Fish Company.

Though one might expect the seafood supplier to sponsor the event just to sell more fish, Young sees Pittsburgh Restaurant Week as “extremely vital” to the dining scene as it promotes “a mix of all sorts of cuisine, chef styles, and local fare that we are so proud of.”
With the Pittsburgh Restaurant Week’s theme to promoting fine dining and fresh harvests, this is an opportune time “to promote fresh local lake fish and small catch fisheries.”

When the restaurant week dining deals begin on August 12, 2013, Young hopes that the event draws visitors from surrounding cities to “try something new and go back home to brag about his or her time in Pittsburgh.”

Pittsburgh Restaurant Week welcomes the new sponsorship from Euclid Fish Company. Event organizer Brian McCollum offers a whimsical response to the thought of eating locally sourced seafood: “As long as it isn’t caught from the Allegheny River, I’ll eat it.”

Euclid Fish Company has a location in the Pittsburgh Strip District at 2100 Smallman St #210, Pittsburgh, PA 15222. euclidfish.com

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